4-day event with 500 people: EPAM 10th anniversary

Conference, gala dinner, team building


Our client’s request was to bring his colleagues from London and Rome to unique places, from where there is a view of Budapest and what is big enough for 500 people. In addition to the conference, fresh and varied programs were needed, which attracted 500 people and provided a good opportunity to let off steam during their stay in Budapest.

As part of the program, Hungarian elements were required to be displayed on programs, but we also had to keep presentations on the international scene. The team building was completed with 350 people on the last day, but in any case the center of Budapest and the attractions were the request of our client. Of course, these are built with precise logistics, i.e. how to transfer 500 person  from the airport to the hotel, then from there to the different venues and back.

Quick Info

NAME: 4-day event with 500 people: EPAM 10th anniversary

EVENT TYPE: Conference, gala dinner, team building


WHEN: 2017. június


WHERE: Budapest


As an initial step, with regard to large-scale programs and the large number of staff, we nominated thematic officers within our team who took and supervised each project and coordinated the work of the facilitators.

After the sites were approved, planning and linking the programs to the base Boscolo could come in. This was also necessary because in the combined movement of such staff (during conferences and gala dinners and team building), the movement through the city center had to be anticipated and preliminary measurements had to be made on the daily turnover. The same thing was with buses, as the number of passengers came from more aircraft, who arrived at different times and left Budapest at the end of the programs. Thanks to our calculations and precise logistics, no event has slipped, with every 500 participants participating at the right pace.

Apart from the conference, besides the existing sightseeing trends, we also added new opportunities to the participants and blended with new ideas. From every location we could see the pulsation of Budapest, and our accompanying programs provided additional experiences.

After a day of successful conferences, bus logistics, and after the gloomy details of the gala dinner, we could not bounce back as we had to implement all programs with the same punctuaity as today, the next day and the third day.

Team building was the last moment, the closing part of the four-day event, after which the participants were flying. In the downtown team building, we have organized a Treasure Hunt game, incorporating the main attractions and culinary delights of Budapest (Green, Gastro, Activity, Sightseeing, Off the beaten track). For this we have created a small publication and we have provided a number of tips for the five choices. They had to find the points listed in the bustling town where our animators gave them another instruction. The target was one of the known parks of urban pulsation, where we were waiting for arriving with food and drink. During the final loosening, they were provided with a number of sports equipment to close the four-day-long journey with self-paced movement.


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