Nyugati Square Market

Opening Days


Decathlon has opened its first store in Budapest,which was a huge milestone in the sporting giant’s life. Their request was for us to take over the full organization of the 4-days grand event,our mission was to promot the store at Nyugati Square and  we also coordinated the VIP Opening Ceremony in the store. Programs and communications in Nyugati Square had to be eye catching,while the store wanted modern visualizations and innovative solutions. They asked for a full area reservation in one of the most busiest areas of Budapest,where we had to provide spectacular,showcasing elements and performers.

Quick Info

NAME: Nyugati téri áruháznyitó napok

EVENT TYPE: promóciós rendezvény

CLIENT: Decathlon Magyarország

WHEN: 2016. augusztus

HOW MANY PEOPLE: 700-800 fő

WHERE: Nyugati tér, Budapest


Initially, we strated with a complete survey of the area,with detailed 3 D visualizations based on the measurements,illustrating our ideas with the location of the programs and maintaining the flow of the space.

Innovative solutions have been enhanced by the production of unique totem columns with well marked inscriptions and creatives.

The specifics of the totems were that we put LCD TVs on them,the videos related to the various activities were running on them,which featured the everyday sporting activities in the city( running on the Margaret Island,cycling on the boulevard, rowing between the Margaret Bridge and Chain Bridge,stairways from the Nyugati Square metro station to the surface and finally the one-and two- handed grip on the tram associated with fitness.) Day-to-day sweepstakes attracted a lot of crowds, many of them were interested about online promotion with a Facebook-linked photo wall and share. In addition to the programs, we also put out several iPad kiosks in the area where the new webshop was introduced to the participants, as well as the registration required for the game. All of this was done by creating two separate Internet networks in the field which had their own passwords and provided adequate support for the trouble-free connection of the devices. The first day’s program was challenging, with VIP opening moments in the evening. There were two different types of events in two places, close to each other and the visitors could enjoy both programs with smooth transition with a trouble-free operation.

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