Event design


We have been working together with one of the most successful companies in Hungary with WizzAir for nine years. We are thrilled to have an exciting concept each year and are looking forward to the best and most spectacular solutions. Our task is to provide internationally accepted standards in multicultural environments with 300-1000 participants. This is done by incorporating unique professional elements that have not yet been seen and have not been implemented in Hungary.

Quick Info

NAME: Wizz Air event design

EVENT TYPE: protocol event

CLIENT: Wizz Air Hungary

WHEN: since 2013


WHERE: Congress Center, Europa Event Center, Vigadó


We started at Intercontinental, so we had to create impressive visuals for 6 to 700 people. For this purpose, we have created detailed plans that closely match the visual world of the event, which was presented to the Geneva examiners at the Budapest Center via a video link. It was an exciting time. 🙂 Our work started with “Gold and Glitter”, with minimal Gatsby glitter and lots of unique things, and the blue and blue of the cobalt blue “Blue is the new Black”, as well as material and asset utilization. In both cases, we have measured the capabilities of the spaces well and applied them to their particular design. In the case of gold and glitter, a kilometer-long lamella was a common suspension of the spectacle, which we could only produce in a factory in Székesfehérvár. The next year, the cobalt blue effect was referred to the new painting of the Wizz logo and aircraft, so we searched and searched for all the materials used to match the Pantone code. Abroad we learned the French lightbulb, Case le cousin Paul, which was at that time great, and it was a pleasure for Wizz’s team. However, due to the costs we had to look for a different alternative, so a company in Budapest succeeded in producing the desired sizes and number of pieces. The increased number brought us to the Congress Center and here we had to restart the facilities of the spaces, the hanging points and all the interior furniture and design. In addition, it is a very large and meticulous place. Night full of Stars followed the world of the stars, and a huge piece of art featuring the huge, illuminating timepiece of Back to the Future and the 13 totem columns for collecting memories gave us the honor that Christmas of Wizz’s international Christmas completed. In the sequel, we are still excited about Wizz’s challenges and successful implementations.

Some pictures, look at it