Disney Junior at the Media Platform show


At The request of Walt Disney Hungary we had to implement the Disney Junior booth,based on the guidlines of the London Center.Our goal was to create unforgottable experiences,activities and programs for media professionals and for the visitors. On one side of the split booth we released the Miles from tomorrow fairytale series which traded for the first time in Hungary and on the other side of the booth we created the current trendy tales.Starting from the design and brainstorming phase,we had to go through on every steps to everything would fit strictly with Disney expectations.

Quick Info

NAME: Disney Junior at the Media Platform show

EVENT TYPE: promotion event

CLIENT: Walt Disney Hungary

WHEN: 2015.


WHERE: SYMA Hall, Budapest


We worked with a short deadline and during this time a number of ideas went through in our mind,through the drawn sketches through the 3D visuals with the approval of the Budapest office and the London center. The great challenge of the task was the story of Miles from the future which we looked at foreign pages and watched the English-language tale several times to get a good picture of the implementation. Apart from space,the add-ons also played an important in creating the idea of a spacecraft that crossed the Marshal landscape and found Disney coins.This part of the booth was surrounded by huge Miles prints and even ceiling joints were made for space design.On the ground level decking was followed by foiling and 800 kg fine sand created the lunar landscape.The serious dilemma has been caused by the creation of a metal search spacecraft.For it’s functioning we run a lot of tests in the office and in the workshop. It had to be large,remotely controlled by visitors,showing the Disney coins hidden in the sand accompanied by sound and light. We also increased the interest of the visitors by the participation of two life-size Miles,whose space clothes was made by hand and labeld according to the image of the tale.Ideas and realization have not come to an end here, as there was another side where the visitors could meet with more tales and this was the venue for negotiations and business meetings.  The big creatives have also delineated the area wich was thrown with luminous furniture and large LCD TVs, at the tables and on the rugs, custom made Disney muffins were waiting for everyone. Attracting audiences, sharing gifts, and sharing information with Minnie’s dressed hostess girls, whose dress was also tailored by Disney’s requirements and tailored to size. After two days, one of the most visited booth was the Disney Junior venue, so we’re happy to announce that the visitor attractions were successful. 🙂

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