Being a member of ConceptFlow is a lifestyle. There’s always something happening, I never get bored, it’s endlessly exciting” –

Interview with Livi Balázs Event Manager.

Rendezvényszervezés Conceptflow ezek vagyunk
In the following conversation, Livi introduces you to the Conceptflow way of life, the highlights of the profession, shares the essential skills for event planning, and offers useful advice!

Tell us about yourself and your journey here! How did your enthusiasm for event management begin?

During high school, my friends and I used to organize a lot of events together, mainly surprise birthday parties for each other, which the birthday person always found out about in the end, but the planning leading up to the party was always long and exciting. That’s when my interest in event management started. However, when I began university, I was initially more interested in the hotel industry. Then came the pivotal lecture on event management, given by Józsi, who spoke about the company with such enthusiasm. He discussed the company’s work, the events they had executed, and the world of event management with so much passion that I decided I wanted to pursue a career in this field and, specifically, apply to this company.

What drew you to ConceptFlow?

Of course, Józsi’s way of performing is captivating in itself. However, it required a great topic that he could speak about with true passion. He introduced ConceptFlow, showcasing memorable events, each presenting challenges that they overcame with clever solutions. I was very impressed by the diversity and creativity of their work, , but most of all, I admired their attitude, their dedication to the events. Since then, I have also experienced that being a member of ConceptFlow is a lifestyle. There’s always something happening, I never get bored, for me it’s endlessly exciting. The team is constantly pulsating as one, reacting to everything together, sharing both the happy and sad moments as a united group

What is the highlight of your job?

When the different, better and better ideas and visions come to life during the events. It’s fantastic to see how, on the day of the event, all the tangled threads come together, everything falls into place, the months of hard work pay off, and everything forms a cohesive whole.

What has been your favorite event that you helped organize, and why?

I would say the very first event I attended with the company. It was a team building event in September near Lake Balaton. Everything was still very new to me, and my first tasks were related to this event. I really enjoyed the creative process. We also bonded very well with the team during the on-site execution, so this event holds a special place in my heart.

What is the most important skill needed for this job?

I think it’s the ability to never give up. No matter what experience or response you encounter, don’t let anything deter you from your goal. The other crucial skill is to keep up with the pace. No matter what kind of event or workflow it is, in this rapidly changing world, this profession is constantly evolving, new trends are emerging, and you need to keep up with them.

How can you maintain your creativity?

I often find inspiration in people. I see how the people around me live, how the team members work, and that motivates or inspires me a lot. And also, my biggest inspirational platforms are Pinterest and Instagram. You can find so many useful, interesting and informative posts on them, which very often just give you a little push, sparking new ideas for various events.

During which activities are you most focused?

Any creative activity. This could include brainstorming for an event or just a simple craft at home. Creative processes allow me to unwind and focus solely on what I’m doing.

How do you recharge in your free time?

With music, sports, and reading. These activities have a calming effect, allowing me to recharge and tackle anything with renewed energy.

If you have one, what is your 5-year plan?

I don’t. While I do like to plan ahead, those plans usually only extend to the next week. Things happen so quickly and suddenly that I don’t always have a chance to plan everything in advance. I’d rather just go with the flow, which is how I ended up moving from the countryside to Budapest to join ConceptFlow. It was a completely spontaneous idea.

What advice would you give to those who want to try their hand at event management?

Be open to everything and be willing to grow. For me, these sum up the most important skills, especially as a newcomer to the industry. You have to be open to every new idea, see the whole world, and consider nothing impossible. And without the will to improve, there is no point in doing anything in life.