“The team is extremely diverse, which creates a harmonious and dynamic work environment.”

Interview with Zsófi Csikós, Event Manager

In the interview, Zsófi talked about how she found ConceptFlow and what attracted her to event management. She also shared her experiences during her time with the company and her advice for young graduates.

How did you find ConceptFlow?

I would say ConceptFlow found me. I was actively looking for an internship in my sixth semester of university and, knowing that I wanted to work in event management, I submitted my CV to MaReSz (Association of Hungarian Event Organisers and Service Providers), which forwarded it to a few agencies. ConceptFlow invited me for an interview, which remains a defining experience in my mind today, as we quickly developed a mutual sympathy during the informal conversation. Thanks to this, there was no question in my mind that I would like to be part of this team and work on such projects.

What are the first 5 words that come to mind about the company, and why?

Creativity, teamwork, diversity, variety, and enthusiasm.
The office operates as a creative workshop, where great ideas are born in record time, and we develop and implement them together. The team is incredibly diverse, with each member having different strengths, which creates a harmonious and dynamic work environment. We have a variety of unique clients, which is one of the biggest professional challenges, as we aim to make everyone’s ideas come true to the best of our ability.
There is never a dull moment in this profession, every day is different and that is what I enjoy most. It’s always inspiring when we receive a new request, when we win a tender or when we have a great time at an event and our ideas come true.

Why were you drawn to this profession?

I always wanted a job that keeps me moving and fills me with enthusiasm, even on gray weekdays. Event management seemed like a fast-paced and exciting field that involved working with people. I’ve always loved planning gatherings, organizing trips, paying attention to small details, crafting, and communicating both verbally and in writing. I was curious about how many months of preparation and how many people are behind each event, and how to realize a festival, team-building event, or gala dinner within a budget while following current trends.
I wanted to peek behind the scenes to get answers to my questions, and nowadays I’m often backstage too.

What is the best feedback you have received in your work so far?

I can think of several examples and they all mean a lot to me. I vividly remember when Évi hugged me out of joy over some good news, Józsi high-fived me after a meeting, or when Gergő and I walked out of a presentation we had worked on for weeks, feeling proud. Of course, the clients’ satisfaction and the participants’ enjoyment at events are huge motivators and validations.
The most heart-warming feedback was when, after my three-month internship, Évi offered that they want to count on me long term because they were happy with my work and I was an important member of the team.

What do you wish more people knew about event management?

I wish people knew how complex the work processes are and the extensive knowledge required. This is a profession where we need to understand catering, technology, furniture, and decoration at the same time, all of which you need to provide to meet the client’s needs, within the specified deadline and location.
It’s also important to know that this job sometimes requires sacrifices, early mornings, late nights, and a lot of travel, which many don’t consider. It demands a high level of flexibility and perseverance from us.

How do you keep everything in mind and pay attention to details?

I keep several planners and to-do lists simultaneously, both digitally and on paper, so that I don’t forget anything during busy periods. This helps me manage my tasks more effectively, plan my week in advance, and maintain a work-life balance more easily. I’m inherently detail-oriented, but for the sake of clarity, I usually prioritize my tasks and mark them systematically with different colours.

Where do you find inspiration in your daily life and work?

Thanks to the diverse team, the office atmosphere is very inspiring. Every day, I see, hear, and learn something new from my colleagues, both professionally and personally. If I ever run out of ideas or motivation, I browse the internet for new ideas, and Pinterest and Instagram are a big help.

What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to learn or try but never had the chance to?

I’ve been thinking about doing a barista and bartender course for a long time, because I’m fascinated by the world of coffee and cocktails. Since I can’t imagine myself in hospitality long-term, I’ve never pursued it, but I’d love to spend time on it as a hobby, for example, at family and friends’ gatherings.

Do you see yourself working in event management long-term?

At the moment I feel like yes, absolutely.
I was uncertain about my career choice for a long time, but since finding the ConceptFlow team, I don’t want to be anywhere else. I feel that I can gain relevant professional experience and develop in an environment that is both supportive and dedicated. I love coming into the office, I enjoy the constant hustle and bustle and variety that comes with events, which I find all unforgettable.

What advice do you have for people starting out in their careers?

It can help a lot if they are aware of their skills and future plans and start building their career accordingly. Be open-minded, proactive, persistent and determined in your daily life, and seize life’s opportunities. This is how I ended up in this fortunate position, doing what I love.